Friday, 23 July 2010

An advert that is stupid

John Frieda Go Blonder : "WHERE IS THE SUN?"

First of all, it's impossible to steal the sun because it is too hot and really far away. You'd probably need to be an astronaut too, and judging by that girl's somewhat inability to talk, I'm going to guess that her main talents include pulling that really annoying face, raising her eyebrow and being mute. I doubt that she has gained the necessary qualifications to become a sun-stealing spacewoman though looks can deceive and perhaps I am being a little unfair to Blondielocks. The main point of this post is to outline the stupidness so here are the consequences of what would happen if the sun was stolen and then like.. put in your hair:
  • You'd die.

  • Your hair would definitely be in worse condition.
What is also stupid about this advert is the promotion that follows regarding their equivalent brunette collection. Basically, there's no equivalent to the sun, and brown is a really difficult colour to match up with something humongous and awesome like a sun so they don't even bother using Blondielocks' stereotypically evil twin... Brownielocks. Imagine if the sun was brown though. Everyone would think it was rubbish. So, basically, John Frieda are stupid... and brunette-ist.