Monday, 26 September 2011

My first audition

If you'd asked me a year ago whether I fancied applying for 'Total Wipeout', I probably would've said yes, downloaded the form and left it sitting in my 'downloaded items' for 7 months, gathering jargon dust, swamped in amongst thousands of temporary internet files. Ok, so that did happen. However, earlier this month we received an email at work from Endemol with a desperate call for more women to apply for their new series of 'Winter Wipeout'. Representing the Women's Sport and Fitness Foundation I took it as a sign, got my act together and spent the evening completing the application pack. A week later, I got asked to come along to the auditions.

Here's what I wore:


After getting a little lost in South Kensington and so sulking in Pret, I decided to ditch my map, use my instinct, and follow the several people wearing fluorescent legwarmers. Entering the sports centre, I was suddenly surrounded by spandex and other indistinguishable clingy materials. All I can be sure of is that the majority of outfits were sweat-inducing. There were about 500 of us.

Round One
'When you hear the siren, you'll sprint to the other end of the sports hall and you'll have one minute to sell yourself to the producers - one per table but you'll go in groups of five. Three, two, one.. HONK.'
  • I did sprint. It was so far to the other end of the hall and my slippers were so slippery I did a skid.
  • I was very out of breath but managed to do my one-minute rap. 
  • I was given a blue ticket by the producers. 
  • I went through 'the door on the right please'
  • Blue tickets = you're through to the next round! YAY!
Still slightly out of breath and terribly excited, it was time for a Polaroid and paperwork. Of those that made it, we were then separated up into groups of 30.

Round Two
'Welcome to our Winter Wipeout assault course! As you can see, it is very realistic - just like the course in Argentina. First of all, we need you to come and have a chat with 'Amanda', then you'll do your shout-out at the top of the course direct to camera, then continue on to complete the course. We'll be filming you all the time. Ok, so where's Kat..?'
  • I had my chat with 'Amanda', who didn't believe that I could be girlie and tough. So I started on her.
  • I did my improvised shout-out which, most impressively, rhymed Beadle with weed(le)...
  • I completed the course, including ten proper press-ups at the end - absolute powerhouse.
It was such a great atmosphere with everyone cheering for one another. After a little wait (and a well-earned rest) I was called through as I'd made it to the next round. YAY!

Round Three
'Hi Kat! Congratulations on getting this far you've done fantastically. Now, I'm going to ask you some questions, the camera's going to be rolling... We want your personality shine through so just be yourself!'
  • The room was so small and the light was so bright my hood was so warm.
  • I don't even remember what I said because it was so fast and intense and so bright and so warm.
And that was the final stage! A pretty exhausting day to be honest but a fantastic experience. I met a lot of crazy interesting people and I'm very very glad I did it. Now I wait for a phone call...