Sunday, 17 July 2011


A few weeks ago I was metaphorically kicked in the balls, I received an elbow jab to the kidney and a simultaneous slap in the face. It was painful to try and comprehend things that were said to me and consume the resulting emotions I experienced. Fast-forward though, and somehow things have reverted to how they were before. I (think I) like to refer to it as 'the blip'.

Weirdly, that short period of panic and uncertainty has had a massive positive effect on me. Perhaps I would feel differently if the conclusion that played out wasn't so tidy; if those words hadn't been such a 'big mistake' and 'the blip' had in fact turned out to be 'the end'.

Nevertheless, it's helped me realise a lot of things: mostly that friends are blooooomin' marvelous and even when there's trouble and tears they'll feed you good quality chocolate and tell you to get on with it - in the most loving and supportive way, of course.

In the grand scheme of things, rubbish things happen all the time, and what seems like a big deal to one person is silly nothingness to another. Luckily, I have perspective on the situation and in retrospect I guess I'm glad it happened. I've welcomed the harsh realisation and I believe I've changed for the better.


So, thank you to everyone who's given me the confidence to get through the dramas of late - I would've been a bit useless without you x


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