Friday, 1 July 2011

A small post dedicated to Andrew Castle

That is Andrew Castle. Earlier he was trending on Twitter. As thousands of Wimbledon viewers hunted for the remote to hit mute during the Nadal/Murray semi-final, the twitterers that endured his commentary still found it infuriating, embarrassing, ridiculous, or a combo of all of the above. Personally, I found it quite hilarious. See highlights below:

Thinking out loud during the classic BBC super slow motion shot of the tennis ball with spin on it:
'That ball is full of irony...'

On Nadal:
'This is a man not lacking in the work-out department.'
'He cooks as well? Is there nothing he can't do!? Such a good bloke...' ♥

Having a giggle and getting too excited following Nadal's fall on his bum, throwing his racquet up in the air only to catch it pretty neatly in one fluid motion:
'Look! He's a juggler in his spare time. You could see him at the Moscow State Circus as well as winning these Grand Slams couldn't you!? Hehehe!'

Murray throws hat on ground in a grump. Andrew naturally responds with:
'Hats off to Murray.'

And finally:
'Murray is being beaten by the force of Nadal's personality.'
I think Andrew should make his way back to the GMTV sofa...


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