Sunday, 7 August 2011

Field Day Fun

If you weren't aware, there are only a few things needed to constitute a good time:
  1. A field
  2. Some music
  3. Some people
  4. Corn-on-the-cob related contests
  5. Copious competitive knee scuffing
  6. Small bottles of Swedish cider
Field Day festival is held every year in the lush leafy Victoria Park and having attended this year's funbonanza I can confirm it definitely delivers all of the above.

You want the dulcet tones of Willy Mason at noon? Done.
Mid-afternoon mini rave in a slightly sweaty strobey tent? Take your pick.
Ostrich burger for dinner? Join the queue (weirdo). I'll meet you by the chippy!
Want to go sliiiightly mental in the crowd for Born Ruffians? Good, because everyone else does too.

Walking, wandering, dancing and skipping around from 10am to 11pm was a little testing on the thighs, and even more so if you happened to enter a tug of war competition and take it quite seriously...

With the line-up being as good as it was, trying to squish in everybody of interest was easier said than done - even with a trusty (progressively soggy) timetable. Warpaint, Anna Calvi and The Coral will have to be pencilled in for another time. I don't mind how unlikely that may be as the bands I did manage to see were superb! With Wild Beasts closing their set on the main stage with 'End Come Too Soon' it certainly did feel that it had.

Fun is pretty easily achievable when you're in good company and fortunately I had that too. Field Day = FUN. Roll on next year!

Contents of bag: another broken bracelet, 10p I probably owe someone, kirby grips, bite cream, a holey and scrumpled timetable, train tickets.


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