Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Going away for a while

I think I'm one of the worst decision-makers of all time. Not that I think I make bad decisions, I'm yet to properly regret anything I've chosen to do, but I certainly take a long time deciding on things and whether or not to do them.

In August I decided to book a trip which I knew would be 'life-changing'. For the first time in a long while I decided to be selfish and think about what I wanted. I segmented my life into what resembled a chocolate orange, but by isolating pieces one by one I discovered that some bits tasted quite rubbish. I realised I needed something big and new and exciting.

And so, thanks to The Adventure Company, I found the perfect trip. A few weeks in Nepal for trekking, whitewater rafting, safari and super exploring. Classified as 'demanding', I knew that it would be intense and probably a little scary but I decided to commit.

Then my bank account exploded.

Somehow, 2 months have flown by quicker than you could shout 'BAIL' and I leave on Friday night. My big backpack is half-packed, my lists are half-complete and my mind is halfway between 'Eeshk!' (apprehension) and 'Eeeee!' (excitement).

I'm not taking my camera because I just know I'll drop it lens-first onto a pointy rock. Instead, I've bought a hench camcorder which is TOUGH and RUGGED - just like me. I thought I'd make a film of some description, though none of this video-diary malark. I'll stay well and truly behind the camera I think; I'm sure to be gratuitously grubby.

I guess that's all for now then, folks. If you see my mum in the next few weeks would you give her a cuddle and reassure her that EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE. Hopefully this will turn out be one of the best decisions I've ever made.



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