Thursday, 3 November 2011

Being An Adventurer

I've been back in Chelmsford nearly two weeks and during that time I've broken my favourite umbrella,  received another whopping train fine for travelling two minutes before off-peak time begins (read previous tale here), and got two kidney infections. Not surprisingly, these events have put me in a very sour mood and today I'd quite like to be somewhere far more exotic, if a little smellier.

I haven't known how to write about Nepal. I didn't keep a diary, I didn't take my camera, and although I took a camcorder the quality of the footage is so despicably average I haven't bothered to sift through it.

What I am certain of is that my spongey head absorbed the experience to the full. For once I didn't faff about with apertures or worry about recharging batteries, I didn't have to frame the views within a screen within a screen with a beeping beep telling me OMG THE MOUNTAIN IS NOT IN FOCUS - I just opened my eyes wide and span and ran around, breathing in the oxygen-deprived air and the smell of the jungle. It was overwhelming; I looked mental.

It was terrifying at times though, and my walking poles saved my life - no joke - on four occasions. Once crossing a landslide, slipping over through two waterfalls with sheer drops either side, and lastly when I was just so exhausted from a 1000m descent I just kinda wibbled, lost my footing and whacked my coccyx on a spikey boulder but did not die.

The trip exceeded my expectations and I pushed myself to the limit. I'll never forget it.


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