Wednesday, 16 January 2013

BEADS SKIS! Week Seven: Scooping out sick with a spoon

Only a short post today I think because I'm hungover and can't be bothered.

So yes, you read the title correctly! Most recently I have been scooping my friend's sick out of a drawer of clothes with a tablespoon. It was full of mushrooms.

This week it is very cold. When it gets below -10 the air feels different on your face, on your eyeballs and in your nostrils. You can just tell when it jumps a few degrees. Last night I think it got down to -24. Brrr!

One of the team left unannounced in the middle of the night leaving us in shock and despair. We got over it after a few drinks but we do miss him a lot because he was a cool guy. (Mostly we are jealous because he gets to sit on a sofa at home with his dogs and chill out doing nothing while we fill in his shifts and work extra hours etc. Git.)

My purse fell out of my bag in a nightclub (Dicks' Tea Bar) with quite a bit of money in it plus all my cards. I went into the club the day after and it had been returned with everything still in it - not a penny stolen. HAVE FAITH IN HUMANITY, PEOPLE.

There's a polo competition beginning today - luckily it's our day off so we'll get to see the first few games. I wonder what calibre of people the event will bring to Val!

I was making a bed one day and a thread from the duvet cover got stuck where my finger is split open from being so dry. So basically it flossed my already sliced open finger. It was revolting and ridiculously painful.
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