Thursday, 7 February 2013

BEADS SKIS! Weeks Eight to Ten and a bit: Some stuff that has happened (probably not a long enough blog for the time that has passed)

Goodness I am a terrible blogger. Excuse my uselessness but it's been a busy and eventful few weeks.

The staff are getting cranky. Our two chefs left for other jobs elsewhere, and the rest of us are being threatened with regards to the quality of our work. Hmm. It's unfortunate because everyone does actually try their best but apparently it's not good enough and personal comments are made and patronising remarks are remarked and it's all very boring sometimes when you've worked 8 hours without a break or even a sit down or a sip of water. It will be interesting to see how everything pans out over the next few weeks. People may be fired, people may leave, people will be crankier unless something changes.

Leaving here seems simple enough some days - it's just a cheap flight or train journey - but when there's a blue sky and i'm sitting on a balcony in my t-shirt and sunglasses, playing Ben Howard out of some cheapy but good enough speakers, with a fit boy waxing his skis beside me, the minging cleaning and the way we're sometimes treated seems to be put aside quite easily. Or when I'm out with everyone on the slopes and I look at those goddamn mountains they look SO PRETTY ALL THE TIME and they hypnotise me and I always do a sigh and say 'PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER WOMAN, STICK IT OUT!!!' I know I should do, and I probably will, but some days it's difficult. I miss my sister and my puppy and my sofa.

In the beginning we would get so upset if we were shouted at. A lot has changed: I got the giggles on the walkie-talkie the other day because I got sworn at for putting a toaster sideways in a kitchen drawer… I think everyone has gained a little bit of perspective on the situation and understand the reasons why certain people get stressed and angry if we leave a crumb under the table or a drip in the sink, but we really do try our best and we're not robots, after all.

So anyway, you know what's fun? Hoovering fridges, baths, showers and other not-usually-hooverable surfaces. Yep. It works a charm on fluff and hair and other rank dirt scum. I'm not saying I shove the whole thing in the fridge but nozzling the drawers and stuff. Totes my cleaning highlight.

So skiing! I like skiing. Yep yep yep. I'm better now and instead of freaking at the sight of a big mound I just go over it and do a jump. Woop. Apparently I look 'slinky' as I go down the mountain. Slinky in a good way. Not like an actual Slinky; that would be terrible and painful and repetitive. 

Diet! I'm off the stale bread and leftovers as I haven't been doing much hosting lately. I just spent 6 Euros on like 4 pieces of pick n' mix though because I only like the heavy stuff. Fudgy overload.

Drinking! Yes. Lots. Still. I enjoy red wine and I happily drink beer too now. 

Ummmm so that's about it. The past few weeks have been the same as always: wake up, clean, eat, ski, eat, clean, drink, eat, drink, drink, sleep.

NEWSFLASH: I HAVE JUST FOUND OUT THAT BEYONCE'S TOUR DATES IN THE UK ARE UP TO 7TH MAY!??!?!!? I'M SUPPOSED TO COME HOME ON THE 9TH MAY!?!?! K well it looks like I'll be coming home early then. Thanks for helping me make up my mind, B!  I'll be back before you know it.

To be continued...
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