Thursday, 7 March 2013

BEADS SKIS! What week is it!?

SO every chalet the company owns has been fully booked for what seems like the past LIFETIME. You know what that means? I've been busy, and Saturday's have been hell on earth, and the time in between has been drunken and drunk and... soothing. Do you know how stressful it is to changeover a million* properties in one day before 4pm? Very. How can people afford all these holidays? Do people realise it's 7 Euros for a yoghurt here and practically a million* Euros for a ski pass? Obviously not! So basically what I'm saying is that I think everyone should chill out at home for a bit and leave us lot alone for a while. We need time to recuperate. Please. My back hurts and yes, obviously my hands are split.

Meanwhile, the weather is getting warmer which means I'm seeing concrete for the first time in ages and everything in-between is brown slush. Great. Over the past few weeks though we've had some great ski days with perfect conditions; it's been a lot of fun and I barely fall down anymore! Wahoo. Weirdly, writing this seems to be more retrospective: not only because it's been so fricking long that I wrote but because we're way over halfway and that means the end is far nearer than the beginning...

Currently, I'm babysitting three children aged 4, 6 and 8. (They're asleep whilst I'm quietly tapping away...) Earlier we had a conversation where we talked about skiing, tic tacs, pocket knives, various cupcake frosting and death. It's so insightful hearing little ones speak about important stuff. It put things in perspective and makes you think about how serious everything gets once you become all serious yourself. They were so sleepy and slurry when I put them to bed but as I read them a story to send them to sleep I thought isn't it wonderful to be able to take each day as it comes; if only for a while. I manage to do that here. As May approaches I'll unfortunately have to ask myself that ridiculous recurring question that used to piss me off so much: what now? What next? At this moment riiiight now, to be honest, I don't really mind. For the first time in a while I'm actually happy and I'd like that to remain consistent, even if nothing else does.]

Oh, do you know what's fun? My name. Sometimes when I'm hosting breakfast I'll introduce myself as Kathryn and then they will call me Kathy for the rest of the week. Sometimes I'll make an appointment at the hairdressers or something and pronounce it Katrine to try and be a bit more Frenchy and they think I am Jaqueline!? WRONG. Wrong.

I have started eating baguettes. A baguette a day keeps the waistline away!
I climbed on a climbing wall! It was fun but I hated it when I couldn't do it and got a bit mad and grumpy but then I calmed down and did it better and could do it then.
The hosts have been asked to write a blog for the company website - 'A day in the life of...' stylee to give an insight into our job role and general life in Val. I will be bending the truth.

*not actually a million
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