Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Unemployed and 'Overqualified'

Unemployment rate drops to 7.1% and yet I remain unemployed. Where do I fit?

I worked incredibly hard for my GCSEs, achieved good 'A' levels and went on to pass my degree with first-class honours.

I came out of university and couldn't get a job. I ended up in the public sector in an admin role.

I moved on, and on, to the next temporary role I could find. All the while, applying for creative jobs.

I never 'knew' anyone in the creative industry; I never got a job in the creative industry.

I'm now 25 and my CV heaves like a dusty concertina, revealing lines of admin duties and mediocre responsibilities between the dirty folds.

Earlier in the week, I had a second interview. One other candidate was up against me. I was thrilled to be considered and hoped that my thorough experience and creative background would be enough to land me the role.

At the end of the day I am given the news that I am unsuccessful. I am 'overqualified'.

Pipped to the position because my CV is a bit too shiny with my A*s and my experience is a bit too advanced for this particular job.

In the past I have been a cleaner, a retail assistant, a receptionist, worked in IT, for charity, for the ambulance service...

I have taken jobs because I've had to earn money, and have tried to make them as enjoyable as possible by taking on additional tasks and responsibilities. I have managed to build entry-level roles into something really rather skilful and worthwhile.

But in this case, where I believed I had a real shot at something good, my achievements and efforts worked against me and I remain unemployed. What bitter statistic am I?

...Anyway, on to the next one!

*I'm not technically unemployed yet. I finish at my current job on Friday and am relocating to a different area.

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