Sunday, 7 July 2013

Daytime-mosi-infested-creepy-place + Ferry Fun

The next camp stop I will call ‘daytime-mosi-infested-creepy-place’, which is located nearby Patra. But first I will mention the 51 degree heat of Olympia which we thought would be a good cultural fun-stop en route. We managed a 2 minute walk down to the entrance of the site but had to return to the air-con for fear of our vital organs MELTING. Literally.

Later, we parked up at daytime-mosi-infested-creepy-place and sighed a big sigh: it was definitely no Navarino beach. As soon as we opened the doors mosis attacked us which was totally uncalled for so we briskly walked towards the sound of the sea. Unfortunately, this led to more sighing as weeds and rubbish washed up onto an empty stony bay. We explored for a while, and then I saw a fat rat scuttle off so that was the end of that. Blergh. I think I got about 30 mosi bites that night, despite the Autan.

We were ready to escape the extraordinary heat of Greece and boarded the (very delayed) nighttime ferry from Igoumenitsa to Brindisi, Italy, with a massive tub of tsatziki and canned stuffed vineleaves for dinner. A culinary delight! The van was directed to park next to the ferry’s engine which was mega loud. I managed to sleep a bit somehow, but Pete’s mistimed espresso shot left him very awake at the wrong hour. After customs rooted around in our dirty laundry bag for various illegal items, we drove off in the darkness we finally found Torre Canne, our next stop...



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