Sunday, 7 July 2013


Have you ever felt that everyone is looking at you, but really you’re just being paranoid? How about when everyone is actually looking at you, all the time, constantly staring? Because that is what we found as we stopped at the Torre Canne lido. It was a Sunday and the place was heaving with Italians enjoying their weekend. We were part of their fun, it seemed. I was intimidated by a group of young girls who were no more than 10 years old who stood and stared as I showered, hurling Italian speech at me. I felt super stupid – a typical English person with no grasp of the national language. Poop. Our pitch was placed next to the bar/restaurant and also a main walkway of the lido. NOT IDEAL.

Beyond the lido owned area was a large sandy beach. Yay! Though there wasn’t a space to perch anywhere so we enjoyed a quick dip but were still exhausted from the journey up. We had a pizza for dinner that was oddly watery but delicious enough. That night there were fireworks in the town centre, so low and loud it made the van shake. It was also roasting hot and we were afraid we’d get robbed by the children in the night. Not a good night’s sleep.

We have decided never to stay at a Lido again.



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