Sunday, 7 July 2013

Near-death experiences along the Amalfi coast lead us to beautiful Bolsena

Pete wanted to drive the Amalfi coast. About halfway along I don’t think he wanted to drive the Amalfi coast. Windy, twisty, narrow roads complete with copious mental Italian drivers made us hold our breath more than once. As the van is British, I sit on the left side which means I spent a few hours leaning as far over to the right as possible. The view was absolutely stunning but was sometimes difficult to enjoy, being on corner-watching duty.

Just past Naples, Camping Averno was appealing with its swimming pools and heated thermal baths. The price was steeper than what we’d paid before but it was worth it for a day of laziness. The gardens had beautiful flowers, and even though it was part of a hotel it was quaint and had character.

Then I my heat rash got really bad and I was told no more sun or sea or pools or general movement. Woop. Because of this, we decided to cover as much ground as possible in the van to get us up past Rome. I’d already been a tourist there and P wasn’t bothered – I have a feeling he just wants to get to France to jump off cliffs and go wild swimming.
Luckily, we have found the most wonderful spot beside Lake Bolsena, Bolsena. We are staying in an ‘Agriturismo’ site which is part of the owner’s farmland. It’s a 20 minute walk from town along the lakeside, and every morning we are offered bread and croissants the owner’s husband has purchased from the local bakery that morning. We can buy courgettes, onions, salad, wine and oil, all produced on the farm and freshly gathered. Delicious.
Our neighbours are all German or Dutch and very friendly. We’re happy here.

The next stop is Florence where we will stay with Pete’s aunty.


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